81301 - The volunteer slaves

N. Lygeros

Slavery was something natural in the past
because the societies were barbaric
even the most evolved
in their dogma.
But for the first time an ideology was created
and was based on a very simple idea:
the existence of the volunteer slaves.
They thought that they were able
to create a new dictatorship.
The dictatorship of the proletariat
was artificially created
by the volunteer slaves.
They wanted all the people at the same level.
But the higher levels were impossible.
So they chose the lowest
i.e. the level of the slavery.
To be equal they chose to be slaves.
This choice wasn’t only for themselves
but for all the people.
They instaured a new barbarity.
The volunteer slaves forced
all their victims to be like them.
No freedom. No opinion.
Just a common slavery.
This was the core of communism.