81311 - Human traces

N. Lygeros

In History, we are talking about human traces.
And barbarity wants to erase them.
I was thinking about that
when you asked me about the essence of History.
History is made with traces.
Mythology is made with essence.
That’s why Mythology is the essence of History.
I think now that this is the same
in the field of paintings.
We have traces and essence.
We have colors and shape.
For Mankind we want essence and shape
not only traces and colors.
So when we are talking about human traces
we are talking also about essence and shape.
The essence of the shape
and the shape of the essence.
I will not ask you what you prefer
because I know that you love both.
So it’s not a question of choice.
Just imagine that both
are incorporated in a painting
Would you see it?
Would you ask for it?
That’s the question…