81312 - The traces of the precious book

N. Lygeros

The precious book was new.
It was the shield of the epic History.
You wanted it from the beginning
as soon as we mentioned its leather.
And as you have it, you asked me
to put even more traces:
the gift of essence.
It wasn’t a surprise for me
because I knew the power of your love.
It wasn’t even a grace
more of a request
 as it was my duty.
So you choose the pages of the book
as if it was symbolic
and you opened it.
I read the pages and I understood  your choices.
But it wasn’t enough.
You wanted even more
and I accepted it due for your joy.
You put the precious book on your body
to feel its leather on your skin.
It was open like you.
It was waiting for the essence
for the human traces.
And it got the gift of Mankind.