81315 - The trace of the miracle

N. Lygeros

The miracle is important.
But its trace is even more.
The miracle is the starting point, the head.
But the trace is its tail.
The miracle could be a Dirac function
but with its trace it becomes an Heaviside function.
At the end, the trace is the visible part
of the invisible.
The fact of the act.
So when you keep the trace alive
you keep a part of the miracle alive.
I saw it in practice
with essence
when you didn’t want to erase it
because you said it would be a sin
to destroy it.
It was clear then
that oblivion is a kind of sin.
So to fight against it
is a way to have faith.
Because faith is working
with the traces of miracles.
That’s why it’s so precious
for the History of Humanity.