81316 - The shape of the trace

N. Lygeros

The trace is important
not only for the essence but also its shape.
Because with both
you can see its nature and its motion.
The trace is the proof of the act.
And the facts are clear.
And with the shape you can see
the proof that of the move.
This motion can be the flashpoint of emotion.
As you can study its geometry
you can find elements of the trajectory.
Even if the shape is motionless
this is the projection of the motion
and the reality of the comprehensive emotion.
The trace can be, in this way,
the source of the emotion.
So the trace is the life
after the end.
It’s a new fashion.
It’s a way to live forever.
With this interpretation
the miracle is alive after the end
and by this way in the harmonic time
we have perfection.