81319 - The shapes of the souls

N. Lygeros

I’m not just a sound post.
I’m more than that.
I’m the âme.
You’re not just a bow.
You’re more than that.
You’re the anima.
I’m the interior.
You’re outside.
We belong to the same link.
We can be the part of a violin, a viola,
a cello or a double bass.
But also a pardessus, a treble, an alto or a tenor
viol, baritone or even archtop guitar.
We work together
like two souls for one body, the instrument.
Our shapes are different,
our roles are different
but we have the same mission.
We have to bring the instrument to life.
It’s the only way to create music
but we need the master
who will catch you
and touch me
to play with his fingering
and his motion
for our emotion.