81324 - The respect of Faith

N. Lygeros

Music belongs also to Faith.
It’s a question of respect.
The respect of Time.
The religions cut the music
when they were in danger,
but some of them forgot this fact
and continue even now
to avoid music.
But music is also a way to breathe together,
to say the same thing, at the same time.
This is the consistency and the coherence.
That’s why you need to listen to the sounds.
But you need to share the notes.
Because the notes are a creation of Humanity.
In the world of sounds
the music is the sharing of the notes
like the parts of the bread.
And this one is sweet
because it’s for all the people
without exception.
Everyone deserves it.
This is the respect of Faith.
So the respect is double.
Ask for what you want
but always with respect.