81351 - The deep love

N. Lygeros

Don’t make the mistake to consider
that the deep love is only a kind of love.
This care is different from its extensions.
The absence of hate is fundamental.
Because if you love someone
you can also hate him
at the end of the love.
This is also a relation.
But it’s not a link!
When you love someone deeply
it’s impossible to hate him
because you don’t have hate.
This purity of the deep love is rare.
And this rarity is a characteristic.
Of course it’s easy to consider
that deep love characterizes the Saints.
But don’t forget that Saints are humans.
They are certainly exceptional humans
but they are still humans.
The deep love is not an exclusivity,
it’s a crucial characteristic
but there is no notion of  exclusion.
So potentially it’s possible for everyone
to love deeply.
So valorize it!