81352 - The rarity of compassion

Ν. Λυγερός

In the framework of the deep love, it’s possible to
find the compassion even if it’s rare.
The compassion is not such a simple notion.
You need also empathy to discover the real
problem of the others.
Very often is very difficult for them
to express their feelings,
to explain their situation.
So you have to discover their mentation,
mentality is not sufficient.
For compassion you need to listen to the silence.
Many things are impossible
for the words
and only silence can support them.
By this way silence is a tool.
It’s like the score.
If you don’t have any instrument with you,
you have to read it and to play it
in your mind.
In fact, it’s a secret code.
But a code.
And you have to break it.
This is why compassion is rare.
Because it depends on the complexity of the code.
That’s why intelligence is needed.