81353 - The gift of intelligence

N. Lygeros

Intelligence is not only a solver
but also a savior
when it’s related with deep love
because it has the rarity of compassion.
Even if we avoid to mention it
for the Lord is factual but not obvious.
It’s factual because we know the story
at his early years.
It’s not obvious because we do not emphasize it.
But this is a reality.
His deep love is nature
because its intelligence is extreme
and that’s why he has
this huge compassion.
He is able to see even the invisible beauty.
The beauty of the souls.
Body is no help for this.
The eyes are insufficient.
But when we say that he sees
with his heart
it’s of course with his brain.
Even in God Mode
you have to think
if you want to save the innocent people.
And he does it.