81356 - Free willingness

N. Lygeros

If you think that it’s all decided for you
certainly it’s impossible for you to escape.
But think about it, in a deeper way,
and use the Theorem of Gödel.
Then you will understand
that there is no such system able to do this.
But you have the capacity to think like this.
So the problem is not the idea
because we can easily refute it,
but you, and only you.
You can decide to live free
and you have the way to achieve it.
That’s the point.
Do you have the willingness to live free?
Because you have the right to use
your free willingness.
It’s not a question of education.
It’s a question of choice.
If it’s difficult for you
ask for help.
I’m next to you in any case
but remember that you are free.
This is my first advice.