81357 - The decision of the soul

N. Lygeros

Your soul is already alive forever,
so what is your real problem about that?
Don’t think of it only in the classical way.
Use this fact.
Believe it.
The decision of the soul is crucial.
Dare to ask it.
And follow your desire.
Don’t keep it in you.
Make your choice.
You are free to do it.
And in any case you are not alone.
It’s not just about vacuity.
Because we are together.
Your choice will be your future.
That’s why if you need an advice
don’t think that you have no experience.
For you, maybe everything is new
but not for me.
For more than one thousand years
I answer the questions
of the souls.
You can pray if you want.
But I am already next to you.