81364 - The precious gift

N. Lygeros

A gift is always precious
but for many people it is not obvious.
They think that any gift is fine
because they consider
that everything can be considered as a gift
but it’s wrong.
A gift can’t be anything.
A gift is a choice.
But not only.
It’s the trace of the choice.
It’s the result of a process.
It’s the situation.
So for this reason it should have a value.
It’s made to support at least a relation
and maybe a link.
Give importance to the gift
because it will be important for the other.
If you imagine it like your breathwork,
it’s a way to share it.
In fact, you should consider your gift
as a permanent breathwork
which is made for the other.
It’s an embedded breathwork
in the soul of the other.
It’s a part of yourself.