81367 - Heroes

N. Lygeros

Heroes can find a solution
even when problems do not have any.
They are able to solve
what looks impossible.
Because they are masters in sacrifice.
Dictatorships do not want them.
Even their existences are dangerous for them.
So when you see people
that are trying to avoid using their name
be robust and resist.
They are erasers of History.
They want to change the reality
and they try to remove parts of the past.
And when they say
that societies do not need any hero,
it’s normal
because heroes belong to Mankind.
No society can keep them in jail.
They only want to forget them.
The existence of a hero
is an injury for societies of oblivion.
They can’t accept
That someone can sacrifice himself
to save the others.
That’s why even Jesus-Christ was crucified.
But it was an error.
Because the sacrifice is still alive.