81381 - The taste of History

N. Lygeros

When you study History you see only the fire
because light needs knowledge.
And this isn’t obvious.
This knowledge is dependent on strategy
i.e. the History of the future…
So the real problem is
that it’s impossible to feel the past.
But you are a warrior of Mankind,
you have the taste of History
in your mouth.
You have to bite History
to feel its taste.
And to do this you need to fight
in the struggle of Mankind.
It’s not just a question of timing.
It’s independent of the period you live in.
It’s just your willingness.
If you don’t feel this necessity
it’s impossible to be free.
And you need to see the freedom
to understand the slavery.
Because when you have on your shoulders
innocent people
you know that you have to fight
to keep them safe.
And this is the taste of History.