81382 - The history of future

N. Lygeros

You never talk about the history of the future
because you think that it’s an oxymoron.
But think of the process of composition.
When you write a score,
you create future.
The paradox is that you write it
before the events.
In fact, we do it also in computer science.
We write firstly the code.
We compile it and we execute it.
In History, the execution is the first step,
the compilation the second one
and the code is the last one.
But for the history of the future
you have to change the order
because it’s the way of strategy.
So the history of the future
is written from the other side.
The crucial point is that we know the data
before the facts.
And you have to take into account this difference.
Like in chess,
you play in the present
but you think in the future
because the chessboard can support
all the scenarios.
History will only  be one of them.
So it’s a choice.
And willingness is needed for that.