81383 - The future of the taste

N. Lygeros

Do you have a bad taste in your mouth?
Do you want to change something?
Of course not, because this is the reality.
So for you the problem is the solution.
If you want a good taste
avoid bad wine.
Use the gift of the faith
and drink the essence of the Lord.
The strange thing for you is the choice.
Because this one starts from the end.
So the end is the beginning.
If you want to stay alive
don’t taste poison.
If you want to continue to fight
you have to be alive
after the first battle.
So the battle should be only a part of the war.
And if you want to win the war
you have to choose your battle.
Think of the way of go.
Follow the joseki
and the Master’s path.
Then you will be able
to taste the essence of the harmony
that you need.
Only by this way
you will feel the perfection.