81384 - Transcription of Podcast With US #89: History as human trace

N. Lygeros

In this podcast let’s talk about History. History as a human trace. When we are talking about History, we are talking about writing. Something has be written to have History. History is not just the description of the reality, is a choice of some events in this reality and in fact is a way to avoid oblivion. One way to do this, is of course to write. But we have also the oral tradition. So we want to keep in mind something which is important, which is precious and we want to fight against oblivion. So a way to do that is not only to write, but a way of writing. May be the point is not to write just History. It’s also important to write Mythology. Why? Because if we consider that mythology is in fact the essence of History, is more easy to remember myths than facts. So we can put facts in myths and by this way we can have History as a survivor of Mythology against oblivion. In this way of thinking all that, epic stories, myths, sagas are tools or even weapons against oblivion. So it’s like a code. We want to keep in mind something. We want to save it. We don’t want this to be erased. So we construct a code and with this code we create a myth to keep History in its memory. With this method we can not only avoid oblivion but we can use this to reconstruct History in the future. So the deep past can reconstruct paths of History with the help of Mythology. And this point is very important because when we need help is not weakness, is not that we are going to give up something. In fact we use help to avoid this. In fact help is a way to do and to say that we don’t want to give up. So if we consider all this methodology, mythology is a way to keep safe History in the framework of oblivion. And we can also imagine that even in the oblivion we can find something which is a code and we can use also serendipity to exploit with an open mind and imagine that even in oblivion maybe there are codes from previous people who wanted to keep something in their mind not as a secret but as a symbol, as something which is maybe too much important to be forgotten. So if you don’t want to forget something, please create a code and use Mythology for History. By this way you will keep with your mind a human trace of History.