81385 - Slow motion

N. Lygeros

Can you imagine your life in slow motion?
Do you think that it’s impossible?
Maybe for you…
But imagine now that for someone else
your life seems to be in slow motion.
His life is normal, at least for him
but yours is slow.
It’s not the problem of a fast life.
We are talking about life and slow life.
In the slow life everything is delayed.
In society everyone thinks
that their life is normal.
But it’s wrong.
This existence is only in slow motion…
In Humanity, we are working
with the speed time
and this is a duty…
So you don’t need to ask us
to do this at that speed.
It’s already our life.
If you need to see fast and furious
it’s only because you are living
in slow motion.
Think about it.
And stop it now.
It’s not too late…