81387 - The unicity of Time

Ν. Λυγερός

Time is unique.
It’s like the truth.
Its polycyclicity is harmonic.
This makes you and you melt.
But it’s not a mixture,
it’s a blend of love.
With it you not only have
the life of taste
but also the taste of essence
and of course the essence of life.
Your body can feel the Time,
but your soul is listening to the Lord of Time.
When it sees it, it follows its rhythm
and its advice.
So its transcendence is accessible.
And you can touch perfection
because your link of harmony
permits this change of cycle.
When you fall in love
you don’t want to be caught
but in this case
your love is rising.
The rise of love
is a way to see
the Love of Mankind
with the Lord of Time.