81390 - The memory of the day

N. Lygeros

Each day should be different
but in society all of them are the same.
Never Sunday.
Because none of them has sufficient memory.
For the soul the idea is to fill it with essence
in this way it is possible to get memory.
Each day becomes different.
Each of those is a part of its life.
The day is no more only twenty four hours.
It’s a part of the century.
In fact, with its essence
each day was saved.
It’s at the same time
a creation and a salvation
because it’s a way to fight oblivion.
For this coherence and this consistency
the soul is always asked.
It’s not just an opinion
but the value of the gift.
Like a code
which is modified each day
it’s an enrichment of the reality
and the history of essence.