81403 - Set them free

Ν. Λυγερός

How is imagining the connection
between love and freedom possible?
Even if the Lord is clear about that.
Freedom is the foundation of love.
And love is its extension.
You need to be free, to give love.
It’s not a question of exclusivity or property.
Lord is sharing love.
There is no exclusion, no exception.
His house is made for all the people
and of course especially for the innocent people.
His advice is simple.
Set them free.
Because it’s the first point
for the believers.
For them it’s impossible to love people
like he does if they aren’t free.
So freedom is the first step
if you want the second,
and I mean love.
It’s not important to love people
if you don’t liberate them.
So love others but free.