81405 - Open the road

N. Lygeros

The blockade against Artsakh is an act of barbarity and nothing less.
The eco-activists are just puppets of the Azerbaijani government. And the blockade of the Lachin corridor has been orchestrated in the framework of a kind of hybrid warfare. It’s just a new way to impose to the people of Artsakh, the barbarity of Azerbaijan.
This is already an urgent humanitarian crisis but it’s not only that. It’s an indirect way to start a genocidal act.
So it’s not only a violation of the 2020 ceasefire declaration.
If the Azeris can do this
it’s only due to the inaction of Russian peacekeepers.
The best ones must be replaced with international peacekeepers under UN mandate.
It’s a tactical problem and it needs a tactical resolution.
We do not need to change everything at the highest level to save innocent people of Artsakh.
We have to be efficient right now.
There is no time to waste.
We must open the road
and stop this barbaric blockade.