81408 - The lifework

N. Lygeros

The writings are a lifework.
And when they are sacred
we are talking about soulwork.
So the question is simple.
When you say that it is important to read
which kind of writings do you have in mind?
Newspapers obviously don’t belong to this category.
But your books are those of Mankind
or just publications of societies.
Take account of their history.
We are not talking about stories.
The books of Mankind are lifeworks.
Nothing less.
So you are wasting your time
when you read anything.
Books are not only sentences.
Books are structurally foundations.
It’s not a detail
but a singularity in the structure of Humanity.
The lifework which is contained in a book
creates a world.
This is not only the present
but also the past and  the future.
That’s why they belong to the history of Mankind.