81434 - The inner big world

N. Lygeros

Normally the situation is clear.
You belong to a world.
But with creators everything is different.
The inner world is bigger than life.
Sooner or later, the expansion of this universe
changes everything and it’s difficult for people
to realize that they live inside the world of someone else.
It’s possible to see it with the work of Camus, Dostoyevsky, Goethe, Leibniz, Newton, Nietzsche, Pascal, Socrates and Voltaire.
This work is the trace
of the inner big world
because it’s going through the skin
to touch the others.
But it’s not just that.
It isn’t even a splash
but a split
which creates a bifurcation
and people live after that
in the new branch
of the tree of Time
with the new work.
At the end,
we understand that Mankind is living
in the union of inner big worlds.