81437 - Beyond fragility

N. Lygeros

Τhe world is fragile.
And we have to take care of it.
Ιt’s like a composition
which needs to be played,
to be alive.
Our conscience of this fragility
forced us to protect it.
It’s sufficient to have the flag
to remember the victims.
We also have to be a shield for them.
It’s a necessity
and it’s our duty.
In this framework
we are the warriors of Mankind.
So we have to protect also the war
of the inner big worlds
and their union.
Because what they are only thought
they are safe.
But as soon as they are realizations
for the History of Mankind,
we have to avoid
the attacks of barbarity.
We are responsible for all
in front of all.
Τhat’s part of our mission.