81439 - The survivor of the society

N. Lygeros

Each society think that it’s powerful.
Each society wants to control everything
and of course everyone.
Its behavior is analogic to a genocide.
Because all the people have to obey
its rules
even if they are arbitrary.
So the system always tries to erase
any difference.
It wants only the same.
Everything has to be the same.
It’s like the melting pot.
At the end everybody has to be the same
and no exception is tolerated.
But the exceptions exist.
These exceptions are the survivors of the society.
Society is like a genocide
because it’s a chronocide
and they are survivors
of the systematic destruction.
The survivors are those
who have inner big world.
Because even if the societies are powerful
they can’t resist to the creation
of the inner big world.
It’s the light which wins the darkness.