81440 - Sweet mercilessness

N. Lygeros

Don’t make the mistake
to ask for everything.
I’m sweet but merciless.
I mean I’m your man
to do what you want
but this has to be compatible with Mankind.
I hope that everything is clear with that.
I have no time to waste.
I’m here only because it’s my duty.
Don’t try to be hot
it’s useless.
I’m reading your spirit.
And I have no manners.
I don’t care.
I’m not polite, I’m just noble.
I know that even if I put you down
you will like it
but feel free to ride.
Don’t be surprised
if you feel it deeply.
This is also a duty.
But remember don’t push it.
The sacred sword is merciless
it protects only souls
not bodies.