81450 - You don’t know

N. Lygeros

You don’t know how I really am…
But you will see that it’s not relevant for your mind.
I’m here for you.
Never mind if you don’t know why.
It’s a grace of Mankind
and a request of Time.
I couldn’t let you go
in the direction of barbarity
because you are innocent.
Keep this in your mind
and don’t worry about your future.
I’m a soulguard.
But don’t hurt yourself for nothing.
I will also protect you from that
but not against your willingness.
My knowledge is for you
for that.
So use it freely.
It’s like a huge hug.
You don’t need to do the same.
Just be sure
that I will do it.
It’s not just a promise
but the next reality.
And I mean ours.