81471 - Beyond white

N. Lygeros

After the white clouds and the ice
you can see the blue sky
which is universal for all of us.
He was thinking about that
but suddenly he remembered one singular fact.
He hadn’t paid attention before to that phenomenon.
But after the experience of the essential works
it became a fact for his mind.
The behavior of essence was a proof.
Beyond white, there was the invisible.
White wasn’t a color.
Invisible doesn’t have color.
But in this absence of color
this transformation was possible.
With time,
the white of essence
became invisible.
It was its nature.
The invisible part of white was its future.
The future of white was invisible.
So the source of white
became the spirit of the invisible.
Strategy was already in tactics.
Even if tactics was a substructure of strategy.
So beyond the white tactics, the snow,
was the invisible strategy, the ice.
The offer was white and the gift invisible.