81472 -  White and blue

N. Lygeros

The white could cover the blue.
It wasn’t obvious for many people.
Except of course for the painters.
It could also be mixed with blue
to give light to it.
But as beyond white
it was possible to find the invisible
the miracle of this transformation could be used
to transfer the white trace on the blue
by painting the invisible in the blue.
That was the gift of the real  after.
He used this phenomenon
as a starting point in his paintings.
But the flash point was another discovery.
With the invisibility
it was easy to cover with blue the white
without using this initial information.
So even if the blue covered the white
the invisible trace was present.
It was inside the blue
like truth in beauty.
Its nature was invisible
but its trace was visible
due to the blue.
It was a code of memory inside oblivion.
The new interpretation was far beyond
the gift of the trace
at the blue jeans.