81473 - Blue horizon

N. Lygeros

Now white was vertical
and blue horizontal
in the musical content, this idea wasn’t obvious.
He played with his instrument first.
It was a solo.
But not alone.
He was in an invisible orchestra.
The souls were waiting for his score.
And he did it.
Then they saw at the end of the solo
this wonderful fermata
where the white was a geyser.
They discovered this phenomenon.
And it was amazing!
They asked for a grace
and they got the amazing grace…
The white source became one
with the blue horizon.
It wasn’t just a show.
It was more than that.
Because it was his score.
The gift of essence didn’t try to be completed.
It was a piece of perfection
for the harmony of the souls.
It was the miracle
that they didn’t dare to ask for.
That’s why it was even more beautiful.