81474 - The new deep past

N. Lygeros


The past seems obvious… But it’s not.
The deep past looks strange at first glance…
But it’s not.
The most amazing is the  new deep past.
This one is related to discovery.
For example, the decipherment of the Linear B
by Michael Ventris and John Chadwick in 1952.
This mycenean past was unknown
to the classical period.
But it existed.
For many centuries it belonged to oblivion.
The History of Mankind didn’t use it.
And many misinterpretations were possible
and in many fields of knowledge.
With the discovery of 1952
everything has changed.
We saw quite the same phenomenon in 1960
about the proof that America was discovered
firstly by the Vikings.
Vinland was known five centuries before 1492.
These are examples of new deep past.
With this point of view, things are clear
about the notion of new deep past.
And in a more artificial way,
we can imagine the same thing
with the reconstruction of old openings in chess
with the help and the innovation of AlphaZero.
Because if we lose these data,
it would be able to discover them.
This is new deep past.