81475 - The new deep relation

N. Lygeros

Maybe it’s strange to use the concept of a new deep past
to human relations which have a very short time life.
But in some rare situations, it has a real meaning.
This is easy to see it in the field of religions,
especially for Buddhism and Hinduism.
In any case, we want to apply it in a more classical situation.
In the case of loss of memory,
people who are in fact strangers can
at the end of the process of recovery,
discover that they know each other
for many years.
But let’s take an even more conventional  example
and let’s try to show how it is a paradigm.
In human relations, the foundation is time.
And in this way, we can obtain even a link
which is a diachronic relation.
We sometimes think that we know each other
and that the situation is clear.
But think how many people
for years and years thought
that the Rosenbergs were innocent
and that their condemnation and execution
was an act of injustice,
who discovered at the end
that they were indeed
an active and a passive spy of the Soviet Union.
They assisted to a mental revelation
because everything was fake.
And this created a new deep relation.