81476 - The new deep love

N. Lygeros

We always want to talk about what we like.
In reality we are talking about trivialities.
The problem is quite different with love.
This is also due to the social censorship.
But in reality, we avoid to talk about deep love.
Deep love is like an insult for love.
Deep love is much too human for societies.
So the majority prefers to consider
that it’s not only impossible
but almost unthinkable.
Imagine now how to speak about
a new deep love.
But let’s try it to see what is going on.
Consider that deep love is a fact.
How can it be new?
But there is an answer. . .
The New Testament.
A testament is normally made 
by someone who is old.
If he’s young it looks strange.
But Jesus Christ was old from the beginning.
And this is the phenomenon.
By the way, it looks like a miracle.
This is the initial one. . .
The source of all the others. . .
So with Jesus Christ,
the New Testament is a fact
even if it isn’t obvious.
If you imagine that new deep love exists
then you will discover that it produces
the whole world.