81480 - The cycles of refoundations

Ν. Λυγερός

We look at history
as a continuum of events
as if it was the set of real numbers.
But the world is discrete.
And we need new connections.
Like a set of vertices which needs relations
to build a non trivial graph.
We also consider that these events
are embedded in an absolute hierarchy.
But they belong to a partially ordered set.
The comparison is not universal.
Now if we use polycyclicity
it’s because it’s a way
to consider the cycles of refoundations.
It’s not just a question of cycles
because it’s a question of phases.
If we have only cycles
then we will get only repetitions.
We need at the same time 
a refoundation.
So this is not really
the same in comparison with the past
and not really
different in the future.
The refoundation is an alloy
of past and future.
That’s why it is transcendental
for the present.