81490 - The crucial choice

N. Lygeros

After the birth, you need the rebirth to belong to Mankind.
This isn’t a duty for the majority
just a question of choice.
But for a very small minority
it’s just a duty
and from the beginning.
This difference is fundamental.
The choice is ontological.
The duty is teleological.
Everybody has the choice to discover this duty.
That’s why it’s important to understand
that this duty is the Love of Mankind.
A concept with two meanings.
In fact, with two directions.
The Love from the person to Mankind is the duty.
The Love of Mankind to the person is the choice.
In the meaning of the acceptance.
Time is with us.
This is a fact but also a choice to accept it.
We are with Time.
This is a duty.
So there is a crucial choice to make.
At this point, there is a bifurcation.
And this is the rebirth.
So you have to know that Humanity
is the polycyclical hyperstructure of rebirths.