81491 - The rebirth

N. Lygeros

Τhe rebirth is the freedom of soul.
Imagine the twin towers.
This is the body and the soul.
Imagine the freedom tower.
This is the soul.
Our birth is related to society,
our rebirth to Mankind.
This rebirth is in fact the classical awake
that we use as a fundamental notion in the faith.
By the way faith needs this.
This is a part of its core
but also of its extension.
It’s for Mankind a way to evolve.
This evolution is of course in the framework of Time.
Time is the frame.
Mankind is the field.
Birth is the field of action.
Rebirth is the battlefield.
All the work is produced by the souls.
Nothing less.
Time is the master of souls.
This concept is beyond societies
and of course their limits.
Far from any equilibrium,
the creation is for harmony.