81492 - The Master of souls

N. Lygeros

At the beginning souls are enclaved in bodies.
Only with the rebirth, souls are free.
And in this context,
Time is the Master of souls.
So the kiss of soul is due to Time
as the kiss of life is due to Humanity.
Mankind is embedded in Time.
They are working in a complementary way.
And they produce harmony.
Time has its photonic blue.
Mankind has it’s fermionic red.
Blue and red are the colors of harmony.
Both of them are required
in the combination with yellow
to get a perfect chord.
At this level the fingering is needed
and this is the duty of the Master of souls.
Imagine now, it’s impact
with the soul kiss.
In the struggle, we love to fight
against barbarity
and its ass-kissing.
You have all the data,
to make your choice.
Choose your colors.
The Master of souls will help you.