81494 - Original book

N. Lygeros

Each original book has the signature of its author.
This is written in many books
but nobody pays attention to this.
It’s quite different when you know the truth.
The double essence of the book
is a blend of work and being.
And this is the characteristic of the original book.
But to understand this, you have to see it.
And for that you need to ask.
Even if it’s a fact, it’s not obvious.
There’s a way to do that.
You follow the path of the light.
In this case,
you aren’t only a reader
or even a follower
but a believer.
Because the original book is a part of faith.
In it, you have blood and flesh.
Your faith can drink it and eat
and when you do it
it’s not only about water.
The original book is precious and sacred.
Precious for its writings,
sacred for its essence.
It’s a sword of light
in the darkness.
It’s the free soul.