81500 - Never alone

N. Lygeros

Don’t try to prove
that it’s important to be close.
We know that what is crucial, is to be never alone
but we can get this result
only if we are together.
And this is independent from the distance.
We belong to the same hyperstructure
i.e. Humanity.
Our souls belong to the same universe.
We aren’t afraid of hane.
And we can play a tesuji.
Our shape is flexible and efficient.
We aren’t in a configuration of hayago.
Time is with us.
Time is connecting us.
And we have kiai.
We are in a moyo…
But we have sente.
And our positions have thickness.
We are together
because we are never alone.
We are all part
of the same universe
even if this isn’t obvious.
This is factual.