81504 - See behind

N. Lygeros

As a believer, you should see behind
to discover what isn’t so obvious.
Listen to the music
to understand the invisible world.
It’s the only way to be unstoppable.
So be prepared in the castle.
We are talking about a whole universe.
In the same chessboard
you can discover the world of chess.
So nothing is too small
if you have the vision.
Remember that.
See behind the moves.
It’s not just a question of behavior.
Discover the strategy
and forget the tactics
if you want to go beyond the end.
Because perfection is possible only after.
Take care of harmony.
It’s not only about beauty.
The deep world is related to faith.
Keep this always in your mind.
It’s a way to avoid obstacles
and to get a new result
even if it looks impossible.