81505 - Blue Beauty

N. Lygeros

The ocean is blue.
This is a fact.
But when you say that the ocean is beautiful,
it’s not obvious even if it looks like it.
You need a holistic approach
to consider that the ocean is
a blue beauty.
The real problem is another.
Is it a blue beauty or has it a blue beauty?
The color of the ocean is due to the sky.
So it has the blue color from the sky
Consequently, the ocean has a blue color.
But the ocean isn’t blue.
At the end, we see that the ocean
is a blue beauty.
So finally, the ocean isn’t blue
but it is a blue beauty.
Your body isn’t gentle.
It has gentleness from your mind.
The point is that the property
isn’t a characteristic.
For Mankind we need
only characteristics.
That’s the request of Time.