81510 - The open arms

N. Lygeros

Fall on me.
I want to feel your precious light.
I don’t want to wait
and you can see my open arms
even on the cross.
I don’t want to select a few people.
I want to save all of them.
I am the Love of Mankind.
You want to guide me in the sky
but I’ve been here too long
to leave them alone.
Please, let me bring them with me.
They don’t know anything about the Heaven
but I love them.
They are my souls.
If I have to die for them
I will do it
just tell me if it’s possible
if my sacrifice means something.
I don’t care to be a martyr
I want to save them.
I don’t ask anything for me.
Their lives are yours,
I want just their souls
and I will protect them.