81519 - Cello Love

N. Lygeros

You can have the cello between your thighs
and next to your neck as well
but you feel it with your chest
and the fingers of your left hand.
So when you hear it
it’s the soul of this body.
That’s why your fingering is so important.
But remember that the cello is essential
to every ensemble.
In fact you hear an element of a set.
It’s not only a soloist,
it’s the part of a human orchestra.
With it you can play in three clefs
bass, tenor and treble.
Three souls in one body.
That’s why the cello love is multiple.
Its voice is human
with its complexity
and its beauty.
Its soul speaks to you freely.
So think that I’m what I am
and you will see its picture
in your mind, in your heart,
my soul.