81520 - String & Link

N. Lygeros

I know how important it is for you
the notion of string
but imagine that the link is even more.
And the reason is simple.
Your string is never alone.
In fact, you need at least three
to create the first link.
That’s why it’s the foundation.
The strings are linked.
The link is a strategic mix of strings.
Look at the shape of the double knots
and maybe you will guess its structure.
After that, you will foresee the future.
Because the memory is in you.
And you don’t need to foretell something.
In the silence,
in an invisible way
I can touch your soul.
You are a string of Time.
I’m a link of Mankind.
Together, in this multiplicity,
due to the splitting effect,
we are in many universes.