81523 - The little souls

N. Lygeros

He was a paradox of one thousand years.
For him the souls were little.
They were always new.
So he had to use parables
to explain his thoughts.
They were too precious for him
to leave them in the darkness.
So he used only small candles
for the little souls.
They were afraid.
For them too much light was dangerous.
So he said in his way
even the unexpressible facts.
They needed time to understand
even his small gifts.
They wanted the code.
But they never asked anything
even if they were waiting for that.
He had always gifts
in his mouth.
These words were used
to transform the fire into light.
For the little souls it was like a game
but in the end they understood
that only one gift was important: him.
Because with him everything was possible.