81524 - The white of the winter

N. Lygeros

The white is not a color.
But the white of the winter exists
not only in landscapes
but also in our mind.
In the living room the snow is made
by the music of Antonio Vivaldi
and you can see the invisible.
Even the storm is possible
with the colors of the precious egg from Murano.
But you can imagine
that you are in another century
in the castle of Don Giovanni.
Then each color can be interpreted
as the trace of a woman
in the white.
You can see the famous catalogue
and its beauty
as if it were a bunch of flowers.
Especially if you belong
to the souls of the Lord.
Because in that case,
everything is possible for you
even if it is difficult to conceive it.
But it’s true and you can see it now.
Touch the white of his essence
and taste his mind.