81531 - Faith needs music

N. Lygeros

It’s not obvious for every religion
but faith needs music.
This is factual.
Of course, Time was needed to achieve that
even if from the beginning the voices were important.
The characteristics of psalms are clear.
It’s the only way to get harmony,
to be together and not alone.
Because in faith, we are never alone.
But without music, we are just close
and not together.
Our voices produce noise
without Time.
It’s the same with instruments.
When faith isn’t afraid of its enemies
it can speak louder, sing louder.
This is the duty of the bells.
Their expression is the call of duty.
The bell is a huge hug of faith.
You can hear it from everywhere.
It’s always with you
because it’s an instrument of Time.
It’s the necessity of the creation in common.

The creation of harmony.