81532 - Fingers and strings

N. Lygeros

When I play with your strings
I can feel how the deep fingering is
a precious gift for your soul.
With the cello it’s a fact
because our bodies are linked.
And I keep the traces of the pressure.
So my fingers have the sign
of your strings.
As my love has the traces of your soul.
This music is my essence
but it comes from the strings of your soul.
My fingers and your strings
are the parts of the same one.
In music, we call it harmony
but it’s the same for love.
When you are in love of Mankind
you can taste it, you can drink it
because it’s the flesh and the blood.
This is the essence of souls.
That’s the sign of believers.
That’s the symbol of the source.
I’m the open source, you are the free believer.
I’m the light of the world
you are its beginning.